Release Date: Nov 19, 2016

The time we spend making a cup of coffee, lets us forget our daily busyness. “How can I make the cup better?” – the attitudes of coffee lovers and tea masters seem to be alike.

Tamaki Fukusato, owner of FUKUSATO Gallery, started her tea ceremony education when she was a junior high school student, at a tea room of the Urasenke school which was right in front of her house. She says the name for this exhibition “日々是珈琲日和” (nichi nichi kore coffee biyori) was taken from a Zen word “日々是好日” (nichi nichi kore koujitsu) meaning “Every day is your best day”. This exhibition of coffee items by Japanese craftsmen under the theme “Every day is an ideal day for coffee”, comes from Tamaki-san’s appreciation for and knowledge of the way of making Japanese tea.

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What makes your every day coffee time even more special could be a little bit of extra effort and using your favorite coffee tools. Selecting the beans, grinding, brewing, choosing the cup… the world of coffee is so vast, and we continue the search for perfection.

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Also, how about paying attention to the atmosphere and the way of preparation, as it is done in tea ceremonies? For example, we can do something like the “nodate”, which is a ceremony style in which we enjoy the tea outside. We pack our favorite cups and instruments neatly in a bamboo basket, and bring them out on a sunny day. Sit down on a rug, take out your favorite tools from the “shifuku” (special pouches for tea instruments, in many different forms and colors), feeling the texture and material of each handmade product. It might also be good to change your tools depending on the season or your mood. Then we brew – for the moment that will never come again. Everything is for a better cup of coffee.

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You will find your favorite items from the pieces created by 11 artists, all made with thought of coffee:

工房あめつち (ceramics) / スズキサト (ceramics) / 城崎月甫 (lacquerware) / 高梨良子(glasswork) / 田中あい (textile) / たくまポタリー (ceramics) / 西川美穂 (metalwork) / 西田健二 (porcelain) / 本江和美 (bamboo) / 柳田歳子 (painting) / 山田睦美 (ceramics)


Event Information

「日々是珈琲日和」nichi nichi kore coffee biyori
2016/11/11 (fri) – 25 (fri)
open 11:00 – 17:00
Closed on Thursdays

On November 12 and 23 coffee will be served. outside by ‘cocachi’ from Komatsu, Ishikawa.
The beans used in the exhibition are from ‘Umibouzu’ in Kaga, Ishikawa


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column by / Nao Yasuta

Born in Ishikawa, Japan. After graduating from high school, she lived in Tokyo for 9 years, working as a singer. After that she went to Sweden to study, spent her time thinking about sustainable living, and is now back in Ishikawa. She works with her words and her voice. Recently, she started to learn Japanese tea ceremony. The coffee she likes is light roasted.

Singer, Editor, Narrator @yasutanao

Translation / Haruka Furukawa (@fuhahaha.ha)

photography / Nik van der Giesen (@nvdg81)

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