Release Date: Dec 2, 2017

  1. 1.What’s your favourite cafe Melbourne?

My favourite cafe in cafe is three bags full in Abbotsford in Melbourne’s inner north. Lots of great nooks to sit in, great natural light, indoor/outdoor options. The coffee is always top notch and the food is simple and a really high standard. The staff are always super lovely too.

  1. Check out the shops on our site, en.goodcoffee.me – which cafe in Tokyo do you look forward to visiting and why?

Oto Coffee Stand looks incredible. Cool cactus out the front, coffee looks great and i can’t wait to try their caramel popcorn.

  1. Do you need coffee to wake you up in the morning?

Absolutely! 100 per cent. Anyone that knows me knows that there isn’t much point trying to engage with me if i haven’t had at least a sip of coffee.

  1. What’s your favorite brewing method?

I’m a big fan of stove top. Clean and classic.

  1. What type of coffee setup do you have at home?

I have a stove top. I have been making my own coffees with a stove top for as long as i can remember. Occasionally though ill crack out the plunger if i have a good few people over at my house.

  1. What’s some advice you can give to others to make a better cup of joe at home?

I think the key is to keep it simple, find a method that you love and stick to it. Obviously, always buy good coffee!

  1. How many coffees do you have everyday?

3. Yikes.

  1. Maximum number of coffees you’ve ever had in one day?

I’m sure on days when I am working in the recording studio I have had more than 6 or 7. I find coffee absolutely essential to recording.

  1. Do you remember the most expensive cup of coffee you’ve had?

I had an iced coffee today that cost me 8 dollars. That felt expensive. It was really hot here though, so it was actually totally worth it.

  1. What’s the best food that goes with coffee?

I like to have a really good croissant with a long black coffee.

  1. Where did you have a really delicious cup of coffee recently?

Loafer in North Fitzroy. They do the best croissant and coffee combo in town.

  1. Which cafe embodies Melbourne for you?

Pellegrinis at the top of bourke street. I grew up in Sydney but when i moved down to Melbourne it just seemed like it had been there for 100 years. Lots of locals hanging out at the counter and what seemed like a whole family working there. Massive slices of cake, good coffee and pasta that’ll warm your bones on a winters evening.

  1. What three words would you use to describe the coffee scene in Melbourne?

Essential. Obsessive. Lively!

  1. What’s the best thing about being a musician?

Where it takes you. I have travelled all over Australia to places I had never even heard of and I have loved every second of that. I don’t know if I would have gotten to see so much of the country and gotten to understand more about where I live if I wasn’t a musician. So, travelling is at the top of a long list but I am super grateful for that. Not to mention we are now visiting Japan for the first time.

  1. What’s the most challenging part about being a musician?

After saying all that sometimes it actually is being away from loved ones for long periods of time. That can be really difficult.

  1. Which cafe in Melbourne plays the best music over the speakers?

Piccantes in North Fitzroy. They often play some great 60’s garage rock!

  1. The coolest movie with a coffee scene in it?

It’s lame I know, but I like the bit in Notting hill where Hugh Grant’s character heads back to the cafe to grab his 2nd cappuccino for the day. His caffeine craving led him to the love of his life! Ha!

  1. Who should everyone follow on instagram?

Beautiful botanical design. I think their work is visually stunning. Lovely people too!

  1. Most important thing you’ve learned being a musician?

How to improvise and be flexible. Performing is never easy, sound can change, lights, equipment can let you down etc. But if you embrace that, it can turn into something exciting and a strength of your performance. Learning that and applying it to other aspects of my life has been super beneficial for me.

  1. Best album to play at a cafe?

St Ali in South Melbourne was playing ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ recently. It sounded incredible through the speakers in there.

The Twoks Japan Debut Tour details: https://www.facebook.com/events/138319500139758/

*On December 7, The Twoks play a free welcome show at The Local – where Padre Coffee (Mel) will be served for the first time in Japan. Also, The Twoks have been invited to play at the Kawagoe Coffee Festival.

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Interview by Vaughan (@vja)
Photos taken at Three Bags Full
Photo credit: Nu Na Stacey

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