Release Date: Jun 12, 2015

Kamakura embodies the perfect getaway from Tokyo. Only an hour away from Tokyo, it’s famous for its temples, giant Buddha and a very relaxed atmosphere. Less famous are the wonderful cafes that are spread out. We were lucky enough to be given a little tour by Kamakura local Misa Asanuma.


Cafe Vivement Dimanche

Sunday is always special for everyone. It comes after busy noisy weekdays.
When I was a kid, I was waiting for every Sunday.
If I forgot about it, once Sunday came, I would always be eager to do something fun.
Here, sounds of chattering, traffic that I can see from the window, my favorite paperback, the gentle staff, a perfect coffee – these remind me of the SUNDAY feeling that I had long time ago. Here seems to trigger a special day.
What day is it today? Anyway, VIVEMENT DIMANCHE..!

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The reason why I love it here… hmm.. how do I say it.. it’s just cool!
The people, the atmosphere, the look of this place. everything is cool, warm, unique, individual. But it’s not pretentious. And it’s just like the city of KAMAKURA itself in that way.
Reading books? Chat? Wanna do nothing? Anything goes here…
Have a good coffee (sometimes with LEO’s cake), and they see me off, “have a good day!” and I always go away thinking I want to be a cool adult like this shop..!

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Let’s start walking.
Go through the laughter of students, go up a slope filled with green. Silence makes you feel fresh. Continue walking, not far to go now. (If you are the indoors type, this walk might test you….) Hey! The shop appeared at the best timing at the top of the stone steps!!
You wait for your coffee feeling tired but relaxed. The wind is great.
Now, you notice that coffee time started from the moment you started walking.
Beautiful coffee comes here. Okay, take a sip, close your eyes, take a deep breath… the world that is in the depth of your heart will be opened..!

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pompon cakes blvd.

LEO sometimes goes through KAMAKURA on his bicycle selling his cakes.
I can’t explain this feeling well, but the cakes that he makes are especially delicious, making every customer look especially happy.
So, he and his partners are special, maybe?
He opened a new shop that makes this little, adorable city where it is happier!! It is kind of like a spice in the town.
The shop is a little bit far from the station, but it’s already loved by all of the town.
Let’s choose a cake; slowly, carefully, like when we were kids. And of course, together with coffee.
The time is natural, but a real lovely time starts to flow….

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-by Misa Asanuma
Misa is currently studying film – she also likes literature, bookstores, traveling, her bicycle, vegetables and coffee. You can find her on instagram @asnm33

Photography by Nik van der Giesen

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