COFFEE TIME at 6 Cafés in NEWoMan in Shinjuku

COFFEE TIME at 6 Cafés in NEWoMan in Shinjuku

Release Date: Jun 18, 2016

Shinjuku station has just gotten a whole lot bigger and better with the opening of the the JR Shinjuku Station New South Exit in March 2016. There’s a new all-in-one bus terminal consolidating all of the 19 bus stations around the station itself – making it the biggest one in Japan (save money on transport when you travel somewhere and you’ll have more money to spend on coffee = Vaughan’s logic). And next to that there’s NEWoMan, pronounced “newman” – a new commercial facility with some 100 retailers. Whether you like the name or not, you can rest assure that you’ll love the cluster of coffee there. So, whether you need a pick me up before your bus takes off, or you’re just one of the 3.5 million daily passengers using the station, we’ve got your sorted here at – listing the six establishments set up serving you good coffee.



blue bottle-1

Blue Bottle Shinjuku is the third Blue Bottle to open in Japan (the fourth shop will open in Roppongi in the summer). This is one of the only shops in NEWoMan that has connection to the street, so there’s a lot of natural light here. The layout is different to the other two stores with the brewing happening in an island-like set up in the middle, with guests sipping away (and instagramming away!) around the outside. From what we can tell, the queues are not getting any shorter!

blue bottle-2

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I interviewed Co-Founder Colby Barr a couple of months back when he was in town for their opening and was blown away with the Cinderella-like story of Verve. He slept on his business partner’s couch for a year, bought a ticket to Costa Rico and Panama, and embarked on an adventure to find some of the best coffee in the world. The rest is history with shops in Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, one being built in San Francisco and the first overseas store opening right next to the ticket gates of Shinjuku station (well, one of the many ticket gates). It’s not a big store, but it has a lot of heart – and with an exciting expansion plan for Japan, there’s a lot of verve at Verve!


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I’ve been a big fan of COBI COFFEE since it opened on Koto-dori in Minami Aoyama. The NEWoMan store is the second one and is a beautiful site to lay your eyes on. The design aesthetic is a nice mix of the traditional Japanese and the modern. They’re using Obscura Coffee and serve Aero Press, Nel drip and Espresso based drinks. Similar to the Minami Aoyama store, it’s part of Bloom&Branch – a lifestyle shop selling clothes, dinnerware and stationary. Definitely worth checking out!


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Direct from Karuizawa, Sawamura is a good quality bakery serving up coffee using beans roasted by Single Origin Roasters. Opening at 7AM, this is good choice for coffee with some delicious pastries. There’s also a restaurant adjoining run by Sawamura with a line often forming during the lunch time rush. But the vibe we watch mostly is customers taking away to the outside area where there’s an open space with wooden seating. Check out the meter-high letters of SHINJUKU – which are a big hit for children playing hide and seek in and around them. Very photogenic!


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* temporary. until the end of July 2016


This pop up shop is inside at the far right corner of the busy Akomeya store across from Blue Bottle. The store itself is an exciting one to wonder through with unique items from all over Japan- including a decent section dedicated to coffee equipment. Grab your coffee to go here but stay in the shop and drift around checking out the hundreds and hundreds of items. Coffee from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Indonesia and a COE from El Salvador is available, as well as a decaf option from Colombia. Rokumei Coffee’s main store is in Nara, which we look forward to visiting one day!


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*temporary until the end of November 2016


We finish off this feature introducing you to Minedrip Coffee. It’s been a while since we’ve come across a concept as new as this. Basically, you live the dream by BECOMING THE BARISTA, with a professional barista coaching you through the process right in front of you. A range of roasters are involved in the project, and you can purchase their beans too. Roasters include AND COFFEE ROASTERS, TRUNK COFFEE ROASTERS, ONIBUS COFFEE and COFFEE COUNTY among others. If you’re wanting to learn a little more about how to make a cup of coffee, this is the place to begin!


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Column by Vaughan
Photography by Nik van der Giesen (@nvdg81)

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