Release Date: Dec 17, 2016 met Misa Asanuma almost 2 years ago when she wrote for us about 4 coffee shops she often visits in Kamakura. Fast forward to today and you’ll be excited to know that Misa is on the other side of the world tasting coffee (and bringing us news!) through and about Europe. Here Misa is in the first European instalment; FOUR COFFEE SHOPS IN ESTONIA.


The livingroom cafe

Go down the short stairs along the street outside of the old town of Tallinn, and here you’ll find this lovely secret base of coffee enthusiasts!

6_The Living Room Cafe

They roasts beans weekly, and serve them using various kinds of brewing methods. On my first visit, I bumped into the team cupping, and it seems they regularly hold events about coffee culture as well. I heard that they hold this event in which they pick a brewing method and try 4 different coffees, each from a different continent and compare! I’d like to participate!

Not only is their coffee awesome, but the people who work there (including student volunteers!) are awesome too. I’m so happy when I see people who are full of love for coffee and fully fledged in their work as baristas. The perfect day in Tallinn starts off with good coffee and super friendly people.. and what better place to do that than here!

7_The Living Room Cafe

shop infomation


Renard coffee shop

Tellisikivi, where Renard is located is the most creative area in Tallinn. The neighbour of Renard, Telliskivi Creative City settled in old industrial architecture is made up of offices, ateliers, shops, a print shop, a theatre stage, bars.. all various kinds of cultural platforms. There are always fascinating community events happening. There really is something for everyone.

19_Renard Coffee Shop

If you are a coffee addict, Renard is a must. This beautiful box with a high ceiling and super sophisticated atmosphere is perfect for people wanting to work, or even those just wanting to chill out. They regularly update their coffee selection which is mainly from Scandinavian roasters, and the staff are really approachable and are super happy to talk about all things coffee related!

17_Renard Coffee Shop

shop infomation


Kohvik August

Walking around a city, especially a new place is always exciting. Relaxing at a good local cafe with good coffee can really enhance your adventure. Don’t you think so?

14_Kohvik August

I’d like to introduce you to Kohvik August, which is in the heart of the old town of Tallinn. People come and go from early in the morning to late at night. August seems to be a favourite amongst both visitors and locals. Once you step in, you recognise one of the reasons for that. What a colourful and well-designed decor! Shelves and ceiling lamps above the counter are designed by Estonian designer Jaanus Orgusaar . You also feel the Scandinavian atmosphere from pieces of Marimekko. What is more, check out this cute FAEMA espresso machine….yes, here is also a place for good coffee. Beans are from KOKOMO, the roaster who leads Estonian coffee culture. And the food? Simply mouthwatering.

11_Kohvik August

shop infomation


Karlova kohv

I moved to this cosy town of Tartu a few month ago. Despite it being the second largest city here in Estonia, Tartu is much smaller than Tallinn. So, honestly speaking, I didn’t expect much of a coffee culture here.

37_Karlova Kohv

When I came across Karlova kohv, I was so relieved. Once we find a nice cafe, you soon feel right at home, right? The atmosphere is so relaxing here. The food is made from unique recipes by the owner (I literally just had the best porridge I’ve ever had in my life) all which go really well with the coffee. This cafe is deeply loved by the locals. They roast their own beans here, and they always offer several kinds of beans. This is a tiny gem full of love and passion for coffee which makes Tartu one of the cutest places on earth.

39_Karlova Kohv

shop infomation



Photos and text by Misa Asanuma.

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Read Misa’s original Kamakura coffee post here.

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