20 Questions with COLBY BARR

20 Questions with COLBY BARR

Release Date: Aug 26, 2016

COLBY BARR / Verve Coffee Roasters / 20 QUESTIONS – ANSWERS

1. Do you need coffee to wake you up in the morning?

No, but it sure helps!

2. How do you take your coffee?

Usually, a cappuccino and a little Gibraltar of coffee just to get going.. cause I always know there’s more…

3. What’s your coffee setup like at home?

I actually don’t have one…

3.1 Are you serious!?

Yeah, I made a point really really early on.. it’s just so I go to my cafes everyday!

4. What is your favorite non-Verve cafe in the world?

One of my favorites is Blacktop in Los Angeles. It’s very small, but it just has a really good feeling to it.

5. Favorite coffee shop in Japan?

I really enjoyed Paddlers for the overall atmosphere. And there’s great coffee at Switch, Obscura, Glitch.. there’s a few!

6. Best city in the world for coffee?

Supposedly Melbourne… I haven’t been but it’s on the top of my list!

7. Favorite coffee region these days?


8. Favourite food that goes with coffee?

We don’t have them here, but one of my favorites is a Canelé.

9. How many coffees do you have everyday?

Oh my gosh… anywhere between 2 and 100 depending on if we’re cupping…

10. When was the last day you went without coffee?

Whenever the last time I was really sick…

11. Most expensive cup of coffee you’ve had?

Verve’s Geisha from Panama… valued at about 1800 yen…

12. How many Verve stores are there?

4 in Santa Cruz, 3 in Los Angeles, 1 being built right now in San Francisco, and this one in Tokyo!

13. How many staff work for Verve?

There’s over 150 in our family!

14. A couple of bands/albums that you have playing on BGM at Verve these days?

We have quite a range- from Tommy Guerrero to Mos Def to Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings…. mostly upbeat!

15. Favorite movie with a coffee scene in it?

Coffee and Cigarettes with Bill Murray and Wu Tang…for sure!

16. Besides your account of course, who should everyone be following on instagram?

@chrisburkard and @lastsuspect – kind of the outdoor and street sides of me!

17. What’s the coolest thing about your job?

Meeting great people! Meeting new staff, customers and farmers; it really reinforces everything we do from all fronts ….

18. Worst thing about your job?

I don’t really have a worst part… I’m doing what I love, so I feel pretty lucky.

19. Who is your inspiration?

My parents. They are always pushing me to go for it, and not to be afraid to take risks!

20. Most important thing you’ve learned in the last 10 years running Verve?

It’s all about the people. Coffee is just what connects us all!



interview with Colby Barr (Verve Coffee Roasters)

translation by Kana Murakoshi (@bx000p)

interview by  Vaughan (@vja)

photography by  Takahiro Takeuchi (@goodcoffeeme)

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