Release Date: Mar 10, 2017

1. Do you need coffee to wake you up in the morning?

I don’t need it, but I enjoy it when I get it!

2. Favorite non-Verve coffee shop in the world?

Well, if I’m talking about a place where I want to hang out and spend time, I think Fuglen has to be at the top of the list.

3. Best city in the world for coffee?

I’d say Portland. I think there’s 100 roasters or so there and it’s where I got my start in the specialty coffee world.

4. Personal favourite coffee region on the Verve menu these days?

I think the coffees we’ve been buying from Honduras the past couple of years have been very remarkable.. It’s a special place for Verve.

5. Your favorite brewing method?

Pour over

6. What’s your coffee setup like at home?

I have a handful of different devices – different size frenchpresses, and chemexes. I usually only make coffee at home on the weekends though, and when I do, it’s normally using a Kalita Wave pourover.

7. Do you use the same mug everyday?

No, I’m not really attached to any mugs.

8. A really delicious coffee you’ve had recently…?

I had a really good coffee at Glitch the other day!

9. Most expensive cup of coffee you’ve had?

Probably Verve’s Panama Geisha – I think it was about USD$16.

10. Furthest you’ve travelled for a cup of coffee?

Hmm.. furthest I’ve travelled for coffee… Maybe coming to Tokyo counts??

11. What are you hobbies?

I play music! I play guitar in a couple different bands… I like to be outside- I like to go to the beach and surf when I’m able to.

12. Who is your inspiration in the coffee world?

The most coffee information I’ve learned in my time so far has probably come from Jesse Crouse.

13. Best thing about your job?

Just being able to roast amazing coffees and having the thought that people are hopefully enjoying them as much as I am.

14. Worst thing about your job?

I threw my back out loading a 45kg batch of green coffee before coming to Tokyo…

15. What music do you like to listen to when you roast coffee?

Everything! Currently, there’s a really great Californian band Joyce Manor that came out with a new album that I’ve been listening to a lot. And another newer band I’ve discovered is LVL UP…

16. Favorite coffee scene in a movie…?

It’s not a movie, but the first thing that comes to mind is any episode of “FRIENDS”.

17. Besides @vervecoffee who should everyone be following on instagram?

I have no idea – I don’t have an instagram account!

18. What roaster would you love to visit one day?

I’d love to see the stuff that is happening at Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London one day.

19. Most important thing you’ve learned being head roaster at Verve?

The importance of working with other people as a team towards achieving the same goal, which in our case is great coffee.

20. What would you be doing if you weren’t roasting coffee?

Ideally, i’d love to just play in a band and tour!


Interviewer,  Vaughan @vja

Photographer, Nik van der Giesen @nvdg81

Interview conducted at Verve Coffee in Shinjuku

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