20 Questions with HANNAH CAMERON

20 Questions with HANNAH CAMERON

Release Date: Oct 11, 2016

1. Do you need coffee to wake you up in the morning?

I can go without it until about midday but after that it’s game over.

2. A really delicious cup of coffee you had recently was at…?

One of my favourite cafes is Kines in Brunswick, Melbourne. The genius behind the coffee machine, Keeden, has a signature coffee called “Kiki” which is a double shot of espresso with fresh cream. Delicious.

3. Which cafe have you visited the most times?

Definitely Loafer Bread. I am there most days of the week. I can highly recommened the pain au chocolat.

4. How do you take your coffee?

Long Black is my usual pick. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll sometimes get a filter of some sort.

5. What does your coffee setup look like at home?

I’ve got a very basic stovetop scenario. I don’t really drink coffee at home a whole lot so the stovetop percolator is really for emergency situations only.

6. How many coffees do you have everyday?

Just one. Any more than that and I’m usually a jittery mess by 4pm.

7. Tell us about the time you had the most coffees in a single day?

Once when I was young and foolish I had three in a day.

8. Favorite brewing method?

I’m not all that fussy. Anything black and brewed with love is fine by me.

9. Most expensive cup of coffee you’ve ever had?

I think I once paid $6 for an aeropress. That was not a good day.

10. Best food in Melbourne that you cannot get anywhere else?

I think most cuisines in Melbourne have been stolen from other places in the world so I’m not entirely sure if there’s anything here that you couldn’t find elsewhere! I think Melbourne does breakfast pretty well though. Maybe that’s our thing?

11. Favourite food that goes with coffee?

I am a pastry fiend. My local haunt is Loafer Bread and they do the best croissant in Melbourne (my french housemate can confirm this). It’s a struggle to order a coffee without a pastry for me now.

12. When was the last day you went without coffee?

I can’t recall – I suppose that means probably a very long time?

13. Describe your favourite mug.

I was given a really beautiful handmade ceramic mug by my cousin who knows all the best places to find beautiful things. It’s a bit warped and wonky and rests rather precariously on a fairly unstable base but it feels good to drink coffee from it.

14. Your favourite coffee scene in a movie is…?

I have the worst memory ever for this kind of stuff but one that springs to mind is the scene in Pulp Fiction with Jimmy’s coffee.

15. Best background music at a cafe would have to be….?

My local was playing Dirty Three at 7am the other morning. That was pretty nice.

16. Besides @ondiamond who should everyone be following on instagram?

@browncardigan and @oldm8ari.

17. How many bands do you play in?

Just the two – my own and On Diamond. I also sometimes sing with Grand Salvo and Clio – both amazing Melbourne singer songwriters.

18. Any insider tips for when people visit Melbourne cafes?

Cafe culture can get pretty full on in Melbourne so I’m personally into the quiet achievers. There are many places that will give you an excellent cup of joe without the side of coffee snobbery. My picks are Loafer Bread, Kines and Mixed Business.

19. What’s the best thing about being a musician?

Getting to play music and travel with the people you love.

20. And the worst thing about about a musician?

The amount of time that you have to spend on things that have nothing to do with creating music.


Hannah Cameron grew up in Brisbane, Australia and migrated to Melbourne in early adulthood to pursue her interest and career in music. She lives in Melbourne’s inner north – home to Australia’s most vibrant and sprawling arts community. Hannah’s original music is of the folk genre and she is currently recording her fourth release. She performs with many others in the folk and jazz scenes, and is one fifth of experimental pop band On Diamond, who are in the middle of their debut tour in Japan.

You can follow Hannah Cameron on instagram @hannahcameronmusic


And you can see Hannah play in On Diamond on the following dates:


with DOMINGO and にしもとひろこ+勝野タカシ (Hiroko Nishimoto + Takashi Katsuno)


with Chocolate Town Orchestra, Hey!Bobby, Tamaya Band

OCTOBER 12 – TOKYO 東京 at 八丁堀 Hacchobori NANAHARI

with Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong

OCTOBER 13 – TOKYO 東京 at 下北沢 Shimokitazawa 440

with Kaco, SEASICK, torimtorishuk (presented by Vaughan)

OCTOBER 14 – TOKYO 東京 at 下北沢 Shimokitazawa APOLLO

On Diamond members Joe Talia and Scott McConnachie with Hiroki Chiba


interview with Hannah Cameron  (@hannahcameronmusic)

photo taken at Mixed Business in Clifton Hill, Melbourne

interview/  Vaughan (@vja)

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