20 Questions with LOUIS KING

20 Questions with LOUIS KING

Release Date: Oct 2, 2016


1. Favourite Café in Japan?

Last time I was in Tokyo, in July of last year,  we went every day to Fuglen coffee and I loved it. Strong iced coffee every morning kept me going through the fog of the previous nights gig and helped me concentrate on the day ahead. We finished off the tour with a concert at Fuglen which had people spilling out onto the street, and is a very fond memory.

2. Favourite café in the world?

It’s hard to say exactly, I have been going to a café called Kines a lot in Melbourne, which has a great vibe, good music, great food, and good coffee. The staff there are lovely and put up with the sometimes boisterous group of musicians I find myself there with.

3. Best city in the world for coffee?

It’s hard for me to say, I have travelled extensively within Australia and have had good coffee everywhere.. I think Australia and New Zealand have developed reputations as great places to get coffee, but Tokyo definitely holds its own. A lot better than trying to find good a cup of coffee in London!

4. Favorite coffee region these days?

I wouldn’t know! I look forward to Vaughan-san showing us around a few good cafes on this trip. I trust him implicitly with just about everything, but especially coffee!

5. Favourite food that goes with coffee?

I’m a sucker for a good pastry, favourites being a pan au chocolat or its delicious Italian equivalent the Faggotino…. A close second being any variety of donut. I love a sweet thing in the morning!

6. How many coffees do you have everyday?

When I was younger and working in a supermarket I used to drink  4 or 5 strong coffees a day, but as I have gotten older I have developed a condition known as ‘Essential Tremor’, which is more or less an exaggerated twitching of my muscles. This means that my hands shake quite noticeably, and coffee makes it a lot worse! If I have more than 1 or 2 know I can barely use a telephone or put my keys in the front door!

7. Maximum number of coffees you’ve had in one day?

Ooh it must have been 6, but that was many years ago!

8. When was the last day you went without coffee?

Due to the tremor I try not to drink coffee every day, so I probably have 2 days off a week.

9. Favourite brewing method?

I love a cold drip coffee on a hot day!

10. How do you usually take your coffee?

I have it strong as possible with milk

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11. Do you use the same mug everyday?

Yes I do! Last year we played at Davide Coffee Stop and he gave everyone in the band a beautiful green mug from the shop. I have my coffee most mornings out of that cup, it even fits perfectly under my espresso machine!

12. What type of coffee set up do you have at home?

I live in a shared house and used a plunger for a long time, but my new housemate has brought a good quality single pump espresso machine and an electric bean grinder.. needless to say he’s a good addition to the house!

13. A really delicious cup of coffee you’ve had recently?

At Kines in Brunswick.

14. Most expensive cup of coffee you’ve had?

Hard to say, probably in Perth a few years ago. Perth is the most isolated city of its size in the world and as a result everything is very expensive!

15. Furthest you’ve travelled for a cup of coffee?

Ahh well the hardest I’ve ever had to look for a cup of coffee would have to have been when I was travelling in India when I was 19 years old. India is not a country where people drink very much coffee. I think we went 6 weeks without a coffee before we found a barista who had trained in Melbourne in a hotel in New Delhi. He made me a delicious Strong Latte and I nearly had a heart attack!

16. Who is your inspiration?

As a musician we have a very wide pool of inspiration to draw from, but at the moment I have been particularly inspired by old esoteric forms of music from the Americas; notably the Kentucky mountain music of Roscoe Holcomb and the Bahamian gospel guitar of Joseph Spence.

17. Best thing about your job?

Travelling around the world and playing music for people is an incredible privilege and something I derive immense pleasure from; people everywhere in the world have shown me nothing but kindness and friendship. It’s a great gig!

18. Worst thing about your job?

Recently I’ve been spending half the week on the road and half the week at home, which can be a little disruptive to my routine. I teach one day a week at a high school and by the time I’ve finished the gigs and teaching for the week I barely have time to eat and wash!

19. What city would you love to visit one day?

Next year I think I will go to America for the first time, I would love to see cities like New York, New Orleans, Austin, San Francisco….

20. And finally, how many bands to you play in?

At the moment I play in 3 bands that are working regularly; The Lagerphones, Sex on Toast, and The Collingwood Casanovas!

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interview with Louis King (The Lagerphones)

interview/  Vaughan (@vja)

photography/ Nik van der Giesen (@nvdg81)

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