20 Questions with MASATAKA NOJO

20 Questions with MASATAKA NOJO

Release Date: Aug 15, 2016

NOJO-san / Nozy Coffee / 20 QUESTIONS – ANSWERS

1. Favorite cafe in Japan?

Coffea Exlibris in Shimokitazawa. It’s always been special for me. I used to go as a student a lot.

2. Best city in the world for coffee?

I think Copenhagen is up there. Particularly with the work going on at The Coffee Collective. I’ve also think Taiwan is an amazing city for coffee…

3. Favourite coffee region these days?

It’s a tough question. I really like clean coffees – so I’d say Costa Rica first. Second would be Brazil. And third, Honduras.

4. Favourite food that goes with coffee?

Usually it’s only coffee. But sometimes I’ll take a blueberry muffin.

5. How many coffees do you have everyday?

Surprisingly only 1. If I have 2 these days, I get a bit tired…

6. Maximum number of coffees you’ve had in one day?

Well, when I was a bit younger, I travelled around the States. I reckon I was having more than 10 coffees a day then.

7. When was the last day you went without coffee?

Only a week ago. It’s not uncommon for me to go a day without coffee.

8. Favorite brewing method?

The favorite is French Press.

9. How do you usually take your coffee?

Usually, I take an Americano or a French Press.

10. Do you use the same mug everyday?

I’m not really attached to any mugs. I’m more attached to what’s inside.

11. What type of coffee set up do you have at home?

Believe it or not, I only have a French Press.

12. How many staff do you have working at NOZY COFFEE?

We have about 20 staff members at the moment.

13. Most expensive cup of coffee you’ve had?

I’ve had coffee at many luxury hotels in Tokyo – they sell their coffee for anywhere up from 1,200yen. The coffee normally isn’t very good.

14. Which city would you love to open in one day?

I’ve never really thought about it. I really just want to focus my energy on the local coffee culture around me at the moment. Meetings take me here and there – and it’s always nice to see different areas though!

15. The coolest movie with a coffee in it?

That’s an easy one – Coffee and Cigarettes.

16. What’s the best thing about your job?

I get to see my staff happily enjoying their job each day.

17. And the toughest thing about running your business?

It’s really difficult to get everyone together! Having the three shops that open everyday… it’s virtually impossible.

18. Furthest you’ve travelled for a cup of coffee?

I’ve travelled to Shozo Coffee in Tochigi prefecture 4 times… I really like it there.

19. Who has made you a really delicious cup of coffee recently?

All of my staff!

20. Who is your inspiration these days?

Sakamoto Ryuichi has always struck a chord with me. And it was a pleasant surprise to be contacted by him and get the chance to work with him recently. He’s another coffee lover!

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interview with Masataka Nojo (Nozy Coffee)

translation by Kana Murakoshi (@bx000p)

interview/  Vaughan (@vja)

photography/ Nik van der Giesen (@nvdg81)

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