20 Questions with YU YAMA

20 Questions with YU YAMA

Release Date: Aug 7, 2016


1. Favorite cafe in the world?

Single O Surry Hills. Where everything began…

2.Which city in the world do you think has the best coffee scene?

I haven’t been to a lot of cities but Sydney and Melbourne are quite special.

3.Favorite coffee region these days?

Still Kenya. Nyeri.

4. What’s the best food that goes with coffee for you?

I really enjoy filter coffee by itself, but Latte and banana bread are always good friends.

5. How many coffees does Yu Yama have everyday?

1-2 cups. Sometimes none.

6. Maximum number of coffees you’ve ever had in one day?

12 hours in San Francisco, espresso and filter at each shops. I probably had 12-14 cups of coffee…

7. When was the last day you went without coffee?

A few days ago. I am not a caffeine-holic.

8. Favorite brewing method?

Pour over.

9. How did you first get into coffee?

Well, I started out as a dishwasher at Single O Surry Hills, and the barista there gave me a damn good espresso. That was the second espresso in my life. That changed my life, seriously.

10. What’s Single O’s brewing ratio for pour over?

We have a very basic recipe; 12g coffee, add 200g hot water, about 2min.

11. What type of coffee set up do you have at home?

Drinking coffee at home is rare for me. I have a plunger, CCD and hand grinder though.

12. Tell us about your favorite coffee mug.

I don’t have mug… I like thin mouth feel glass or ceramic for filter coffee.

13. How many cafes are using Single O beans in Japan?

Just over 20 café/restaurants now.

14. How many Single O cafes are there in the world?

3. Surry Hills, Sydney CBD and Botany warehouse café.

15. Who has made you a really delicious cup of coffee recently?

Me. I know what I like.

16. Most expensive cup of coffee you’ve had?

AUD15. It was a cup of 90+ Geisha filter in Sydney.

17. Furthest you’ve travelled for a cup of coffee?

Honduras for COE or Moshi in front of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Don’t know which one is further…

18. What advice can you give to people who want to make a better cup of coffee at home?

Just repeating trial and error as much as possible. Also finding your preference is crucial. If you don’t like African coffee, try other continent’s coffee.

19. Who is someone that you admire greatly in the coffee industry?

Katsuji Daibo from Daibo Coffee.

20. What’s the most challenging part when it comes to roasting coffee?

Every first batch of the day. Never easy.

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interview with Yu Yama (Single O Japan)

translation by Kana Murakoshi (@bx000p)

interview/  Vaughan (@vja)

photography/ Nik van der Giesen (@nvdg81)

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