Release Date: Nov 12, 2017

  1. Tell us about the new store, and what the goals are?

The concept of Omotesando Single Origin Store is 「Discover Coffee」, which is about meeting with the coffee producers.  Each coffee is named after its coffee producer’s name, making sure our customers can easily recognize who has produced each particular coffee we have in our store.

Also, our barista supports customers like a concierge to find a perfect coffee just for you among the great selections of the coffees filled with producer’s love and passion.

Our goal is to be a certain bridge to connect producers and customers with the coffee beans.

  1. It’s such a lovely feeling to see the faces of the farmers lined up so prominent on the 1st floor. How important is this for Maruyama Coffee?

Maruyama Coffee continues to introduce multitudes of high-quality specialty coffees from the producers and farms which the company owner, Kentaro Maruyama, has built the trusts with over the years.

Just like wine, the tastes of the coffee vary depending on the producers and farms.  As we would really like our customers to discover and experience the difference of the tastes by those different factors, we have such uniqueness in display at our Omotesando Single Origin Store.

  1. Please introduce to us a couple of exciting coffees you have on the shelf at the moment?

Those are the exquisite coffees carefully selected by Kentaro Maruyama among Kenyan coffees; Kenya is known and described as the world’s best coffee origin, just like how the top-shelf red wines are known and described.

Those coffees are available only at Omotesando Single Origin Store.

・Kigwandi AA (Kigwandi Washing Station, Kenya)
・Kahete (Kahete Washing Station, Kenya)

  1. The shop itself is beautiful. Who would Maruyama Coffee like to thank for helping build/make this shop?


  1. Will there be any special events held at the Minami-Aoyama store in the future?

Details are yet to be determined, but we are planning to have some events like inviting coffee producers and offering special coffees at the shop.

shop information

MARUYAMA COFFEE Omotesando Single Origin Store

3-14-28 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo



Photography by Nik van der Giesen (@nvdg81)

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