Release Date: Jan 8, 2016

Two Thousand and Fifteen was a big year for third wave coffee in Tokyo. The roasters and the baristas were extremely motivated in experimenting with different roasts and brews, the customers were more curious than ever, various coffee festivals were held showcasing the quality and diversity (with lines as long as those at Disneyland!), and we here at goodcoffee.me were extremely excited watching and documenting it all take place.

There’s a lot of global attention on the coffee industry over here now. And it’s due to many things. But more than anything, it’s because of the tight-knit community that exists in the coffee scene in Japan primarily focused around learning and sharing, and the attention to detail, like all things Japanese, that really gives it that special touch.

In 2015, we loved visiting new coffee shops and seeing young roasters set up shop to hone and show their craft. And we say CONGRATULATIONS!!! to the list of 27 shops opened in Tokyo in 2015. Omedetooo!!



Coffee time behind Omotesando Hills in a unique spaceship-like van.

2015 shops - Airstream

Shop information


Blue Bottle Coffee, Aoyama

The biggest Blue Bottle in the world, holding approximately 70 customers, with just as many guaranteed in the queue.

2015 shops - Blue Bottle Aoyama

Shop information


Blue Bottle Coffee, Kiyosumi Shirakawa

The first Blue Bottle to open (of many we predict!) in Japan. It’s spacious warehouse is home to a roaster and training facility.

2015 shops - Blue Bottle Kiyosumishirakawa

Shop information


Buik, Aoyama

Specialising in breakfast and lunch – Buik has quickly become a favourite amongst locals.

2015 shops - Buik

Shop information


CAFE & HALL ours, Osaki

Serving Switch Coffee (Meguro), this is the place to get your coffee fix in the Osaki area.

2015 shops - Cafe & Hall Ours

Shop information


Cafe 1886 at Bosch, Shibuya

Part of the big Transit group, this cafe’s interior reflects the Bosch brand very well. Coffee by TORIBA.

2015 shops - Cafe 1886 by Bosch

Shop information


CITY -Hand Drip Coffee-, Koenji

One of our favorites (even though we’re not really allowed to have any), this is the place to visit on your next day off!

2015 shops - City

Shop information


CPCM, Harajuku

A shop in shop – this impressive store was produced by the one and only Kumagai-San. It’s a must see.

2015 shops - CPCM

Shop information


Connel Coffee, Aoyama Itchome

This cafe, by Switch Coffee, wins the award for the best design this year. An absolute hidden gem on the second floor.

2015 shops - Connel Cafe

Shop information


Life Size Cribe, Kokubunji

Yoshida-san spent a while learning the ropes at Paul Bassett and now shows his beautiful latte-art in his own cafe. He’ll also fix your bike there too if you have any troubles!

2015 shops - Cribe

Shop information


Double Tall Coffeebar, Shibuya

This little take-away stand is one of the go to shops when you’re on the run!

2015 Shops - Double Tall Coffee Stand

Shop information



You can sit within hand’s reach of the roaster here. And the roaster is a “shared roaster” – the first of it’s kind in Japan.

2015 shops - Glitch

Shop information


Hi Monsieur, Setagaya Daita

With the most unique items on display for sale, it’s one of the most beautiful spaces serving coffee in Tokyo.

2015 shops - Hi Monsieur

Shop information


Ki, Setagaya Daita

Featured in various design magazines all over the world, Ki is really something special. Something special is a massive understatement.

2015 shops - Ki

Shop information


niko and…TOKYO, Harajuku

One of the biggest select shops in Harajuku, there is an area devoted to coffee and coffee magazines.

2015 shops - Niko and... Tokyo

Shop information


ON THE WAY, Shimokitazawa

Specialising in cup cakes and coffee, this shop is one of the cutest places you’ll be able to find in Tokyo.

2015 shops - On the Way

Shop information


PNB, Ikejiri Ohashi

An amazing story in itself, the beautiful PNB is owned and operated by 23 year old Peter Ny Buhl. We encourage everyone to visit this place at least once.

2015 Shops - PNB

Shop information


Pompon, Kamakura

Famous for cakes, this place does not disappoint. If you’re in the Kamakura area, a detour to this establishment is a must.

2015 shops - Pompon, Kamakura

Shop information


Ratio &C, Gaien-mae

The interior designers that brought you Blue Bottle now bring you Ration &C. Produced by Onibus Coffee.

2015 shops - Ratio & C

Shop information


Son of the bar, Shibuya

The hippest place in town, Son of the bar (a cafe by fashion label Son of the Cheese) ticks all the boxes.

2015 shops - Son of the Bar

Shop information


SARUTAHIKO COFFEE – H.I.S Tabi to Hon to Coffee to, Omotesando

Teaming up with travel agent HIS TRAVEL, Sarutahiko is serving really good pour over and espressos.

2015 shops - Sarutahiko Omotesando

Shop information
4-3-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


SARUTAHIKO COFFEE  Atelier Sengawa, Sengawa

One of the biggest cafes to open in 2015, check out the massive roaster on the second floor there. How on earth did they get it up there!?

2015 Shops - Sarutahiko Sengawa

Shop information



The HIS TRAVEL companion expands to Shibuya, opening a small setup in the basement of the new Marui department store.

2015 shops - Sarutahiko Marui

Shop information
3-1-26 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


STREAMER ESPRESSO atmos Harajuku, Omotesando

A tiny addition to the Streamer family. This store is located underneath a shoe shop near by the famous Takeshita Dori.

2015 shops - Streamer Omotesando

Shop information
3-22-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo



Opening in the new Marui department store in Shibuya, right by HMV, Streamer is taking over Shibuya!

2015 shops - Streamer Marui

Shop information
MODI 6F 1-21-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Talk and come again, Sendagaya

One of the first cafes to have opened using crowd-funding – Nathalie is running one of the coolest (and friendliest!) corner cafes in Tokyo!

2015 shops - Talk And Come Again

Shop information


4/4 Seasons, Shinjuku

Just around the corner from Shinjuku station, this is a cool new setup offering beans for a variety of roasters and origins.

2015 shops - Allseasons

Shop information


Happy New Year to all the cafes and the customers, and we look forward to bringing you more news about coffee shops and coffee culture in Japan and the rest of the world in this year!


-by Vaughan

Photography by Nik van der Giesen

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