A letter to everyone who loves coffee

A letter to everyone who loves coffee

Release Date: Sep 17, 2016


To dearest coffee lovers around the world,

Do we all have the same problem?

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Isn’t it next to impossible to find good local coffee shops when you are in a new area, or when you’re on holidays somewhere?

You come out of the station, look around, and can’t see any cafes…

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You ask someone where you a good coffee shop is… and this is all you get?

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Well, I may have found a solution!

I’d like to officially introduce you to the instagram hashtag that I created a while back… which has already gained a little bit of momentum. And with your help, we’ll be able to share and let each other know about where to grab a good cup of coffee all over the world. Here’s the hashtag:


(AREANAME = the name of the area the coffee shop is located)

Here’s a real example of how it can be used…

I went to Kamakura (a town about an hour from Tokyo) on a day trip, and I was in need of a coffee.

I opened up my instagram, and I did a search for #goodcoffee_kamakura

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I pressed on one photo that pictured a coffee that looked pretty mouthwatering.

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Then pressed on the shop name…which then allowed me to open up the shop location on google maps… Thank you to the user who geo-tagged the location!

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And I’m on my way, I navigate through the streets…

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And BOOM! I arrive at a cafe selling good coffee, that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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So, with your help, we’ll be able to share with others where to go for coffee time. When you get a second, please go through some of your old instagram photos of your favourite cafes, or cafes you think people would enjoy visiting, when visiting a certain area.

Some important points:

*Make sure you geotag the cafes when you upload a photo (that means making sure you add the location to your instagram post). If you don’t set a location, no one will be able to find it.

*Go through some of your older photos, and add the hashtag #goodcoffee_AREANAME

*The area name can be the city it is in, like #goodcoffee_tokyo #goodcoffee_newyork or #goodcoffee_melbourne, but a more specific area would be even better, like #goodcoffee_shibuya #goodcoffee_brooklyn or #goodcoffee_fitzroy

From one coffee lover to another coffee lover, thank you very much for your participation. And I look forward to visiting the cafes you love, and sharing with you the cafes that I love.

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Love always, Vaughan (@vja)

PS. And if you tag @goodcoffeeme in your photogenic photos, I’ll regram some of your photos to say thank you!


Column by Vaughan (@vja)

Photography by Nik van der Giesen (@nvdg81)

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