Fuglen Tokyo Everything They Make Is Delicious

Fuglen Tokyo Everything They Make Is Delicious

Release Date: Jan 21, 2015

Fuglen is a whole other word – great coffee by day, great cocktails by night. “Great” doesn’t do it justice. Everything they make is delicious. If you don’t know what to order, just ask for a recommendation. Trust me, you can trust Fuglen.



Inside, there is a communal table which holds 4. Most of time I see 4 people who don’t know each other sipping coffee there. There’s a small sofa set in another corner where design magazines including periodicals of the wonderful Monocle are there for you to browse. The stools around the bar are for the coffee enthusiasts chatting with the Baristas who have a formal informality about them.


Outside is for people watching or social intimacies amongst strangers, and I’m not sure where the outside Fuglen actually extends to. Artists meet at Fuglen though the daytime, sweethearts often meet at Fuglen in the evenings.

Fuglen is still a baby in Japan. Fuglen’s original shop is in Oslo, and it opened their first foreign branch on a backstreet corner nearby Yoyogi Park in 2012.


But since then, it has become a sort of alchemist in the coffee scene over here and everyone wants in. This is what happens to good cafés over here.

It was commissioned by Lexus to produce their cafe “Intersect by Lexus” in Aoyama. United Arrows got in on the action and asked Fuglen to produce their slick “UA BAR” in Harajuku. And one of my favorite Japanese contemporary artists Takashi Murakami worked with Fuglen to open up his own coffee shop in Nakano Broadway “Bar Zingaro”.

And what’s more, with a high end Fuglen hotel / bar / coffee shop scheduled to open in NY soon, it’s an exciting establishment to be a customer of. Visit them all for good coffee and good times.

-by Vaughan

Photography by Takahiro Otsuji

Fuglen Tokyo Shop detail on GoodCofee


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