Release Date: Apr 22, 2016

Coffee Fest Latte Art Championship 2016 was held at Tokyo Big Site over 3 days, from April 13-15 2016.

latte art championship-6

It’s a knock out competition in which baristas free pour their latte art within a 3 minute timeframe. The judges decide the winner based on speed, beauty, color definition and color infusion amongst other factors. This year’s event attracted the best in the business domestically, and some excellent baristas from countries such as South Korea, Taiwan and Australia.

latte art championship-14

This year saw 300 or so baristas originally apply, with that initially short listed to 64 baristas who were given the chance to compete in the knock out competition. To win, the barista will need to win 6 one-on-one battles straight over the 3 days.

latte art championship-4 visited on the second day to capture the atmosphere. The baristas are very tight-knit, despite all eager for the main prize of 200,000 Japanese yen. After the event, we saw photos on social media of them all bonding over dinner at a cafe which also included them practising their craft together! It’s good that it’s like this! Enjoy the photos!


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