Release Date: Aug 7, 2015


Japanese cafes are charmingly tiny – and it’s rare to have an outside seating area like Paris or Melbourne counterparts. So when the idea of writing a column on cafes with terraces for summer/autumn was discussed, it took a while for any to come to mind. Nonetheless, I persevered and racked the brain over the next few nights. Below are three cafes that topped my list, ones that are perfect destinations in the autumn and where you will probably find me drinking cold brew in the sun.



Fuglen is positioned on a backstreet corner – one corner a side street with little traffic and the other a pedestrian/bicycle path that connects Shibuya to Yoyogi. Benches align the outside of the café on both sides with cute tables to hold your coffee. When I wrote my blog on Fuglen a few years back, I stayed there for an entire day – I was the first customer and the last customer, consuming hundreds of grams of coffee outside, getting friendly with some really big dogs and hallucinating about conversations about how coffee makes you hallucinate. I’m totally caught up with Fuglen that I actually dream about a repeat of this day – perhaps sometime this autumn.

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We have yet to feature The Deck on the site, but we have been fans since they opened. Sendagaya is such a happening area – there are great cafes (Be a Good Neighbor, TasYard, Ron Herman amongst others) and there is no shortage of trendy folk.

The Deck Coffee & Pie – it’s all in the name – there are hot pies on offer which hit the spot for lunch, there is a roaster on site (they roast daily!) which means the coffee is fresh and delicious, and there is a deck; a wooden deck which screams out to you saying “relax and enjoy your coffee and pie in the sun!” I’m ordering up – yes to the pie, and to the coffee, and I’ll also have one of those delicious looking ice creams too. Even though it’s still fairly early in the day, people are drinking beer next to me. It’s that kind of place too. I’ll be back tonight when the sun goes down.

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From the outside where you sit on wooden benches surrounded by bamboo – you get the perfect view. You see why and how Café Kitsune strikes you – watch your espresso being pulled perfectly in Japan’s first-ever Slayer espresso machine (it was a marker in the scene over here), watch your hand drip being brewed using an original Kitsune dripping stand, and listen to the music from the ultra hip Kitsune label (“Say That” by Toro Y Moi is playing now! Watch this music video if you haven’t already!) Oh, and watch the people passing by watching you – it’s Minami Aoyama after all!

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-by Vaughan

Photography by Nik van der Giesen

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