Release Date: Jan 26, 2017

Omotesando Koffee fans, we don’t have to wait much longer. On January 27, 2017, we will be looked after in their new concept shop KOFFEE MAMEYA opening in the same location as the original Omotesando Koffee.

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“Koffee Mameya” translates as “Beans Shop” and is a new beginning in our coffee industry. Less of a cafe, though you can order an espresso or filter coffee, it’s essentially a coffee beans shop where you can taste selected coffee from various origins roasted all over the world, and purchase them to brew at home. Over the past year or so, the owner and baristas have traveled to roasters around the world and selected 15 outstanding beans to choose from, offering a wide variety of flavors and roast-levels, with the menu set to expand over time. There are beans that have been roasted and flown over from Australia, America, Hong Kong and other parts of Japan. There’s an exciting range for coffee lovers to explore, most of them unable to be purchased anywhere else in Japan.

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Respected owner Eichii Kunitomo likens the concept to a wine sommelier. “Our baristas will spend time with each customer, create you a “karute” (almost like a medical record) to keep track of your profile, taste preferences, purchasing records and feedback – so we can continue to share alternative beans with you in the future, and perhaps even make you your own original blend. All for the pursuit of finding YOUR perfect coffee.” To help achieve that, free coffee lessons and workshops are held on weekdays from 6pm-7pm for customers to join. You don’t need to make a reservation and you can even bring your own gear from home. WOW.


Equipment wise, coffee enthusiasts will be eager to visit. Two single-grip espresso handles have been removed from a Synesso MVP Hydra and custom built to sit on the bench top. This is the first of its kind in the land of Japan. The espresso handles are nestled nicely between an EK43 grinder as well as an Ecosmart water boiler. No milk based drinks will be served, as to better highlight each coffee.


The shop itself is a real beauty to behold; a fantastic example of Japanese architecture and design, juxtaposing new and old. The entrance resembles a traditional high-class Japanese ryotei restaurant (just like before, watch your head as you walk in!), you slide open a wooden framed Japanese door, which unveils a full backdrop of beans with beautiful original packages in coffee bean colors reflecting roast levels. With the baristas wearing their Omotesando Koffee lab-coat uniform, this establishment could easily be mistaken for a pharmacy. All is well, “koffee” is a drug after all.


January 27 will mark exactly six years since Omotesando Koffee first opened its doors. It’s not the same as before. It was never going to be the same. But once again, an incredibly unique and beautiful place has been created. Koffee Mameya will quickly build a cult following of equal proportions to Omotesando Koffee in it’s own right by going the distance to look after us one by one… just like they’ve always done.


Koffee Mameya (by Omotesando Koffee)

open daily 10:00-18:00

free workshop/lessons (weekdays only) 18:00-19:00

address 4-15-3 Jingu-mae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

shop page



column by Vaughan (@vja)

photography by Nik van der Giesen (@nvdg81)

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