Release Date: Feb 20, 2016

People wouldn’t queue in Melbourne for anything else.

If you know Melbourne, you know that you’re never too far away from a decent cup of coffee, served to you by an exceptional barista (who most probably is handsomely/beautifully hip!), working for an independent establishment that breathes creativity, and is up front (and rightly so!) in terms of where it sources coffee.


This supply of incredibly good coffee in this city exists only because there is a such a demand for it. People wouldn’t queue in Melbourne for anything else.


An instant google search will give you a list of over a hundred specialty coffee shops well worth visiting. I’m in the process of collating a whole list of these for a side project, but in the meantime I will wet your appetite with three. These three, of the twenty of so that I visited during my short stay, I found myself back time and time again.


Aunty Pegs (by Proud Mary)

For anyone serious about coffee (or wanting to get a bit more serious about it), Aunty Peg’s should be your first stop. More so than any other establishment I have had coffee in, you can really see how your drink is made, and be educated in this process.

The first time I went with my father. We sat at the coffee bar, he ordered a soy latte, and said if they didn’t have soy, then normal milk would be fine. The coffee expert said they didn’t have either. She went on to explain, in a very unpretentious way, that they’re trying to bring out the flavors of a variety of single origin roasts through a variety of techniques – and the best way to taste this is to drink coffee black. My father and I looked around for a second to try to understand the establishment we had just entered. It soon made sense. This place is extremely serious about coffee – four EK43 coffee grinders and three Probat roasting machines just around the back are exciting to see in action too.The most impressive part for me was the three espresso handles removed from expresso machines custom built into the counter’s bench top.



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Everyday Coffee

About six months ago when I organised The Harpoons debut tour to Japan, they asked me if I wanted anything from Melbourne. I said… coffee please. They brought me over a beautiful mug and some beans from Everyday Coffee. The mornings over the following month were heavenly. So I was very keen to visit!

And I could instantly see why The Harpoons dig this place. I could really visit everyday, like a lot of people seem to do. Your coffee is served with complimentary sparkling water and the music is good, which immediately makes the feeling of that special home away from home – there’s this really comfortable stillness. People are working alone on laptops, having meetings here – with the guys behind it from Brother Baba Budan and Seven Seeds; it’s that local shop serving you a top notch coffee.

everyday coffee-2

everyday coffee-5

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Patricia Coffee Brewers

Patricia is hidden in the heart of Melbourne, and I was so impressed that it quickly became my favourite. It is without a doubt, the most beautiful coffee shop I have ever laid my eyes on.

I felt so good here. Despite the space itself being one of the smallest I have ever had coffee time in, the functionality and flow of customers and the way the operation is run, makes it a simply beautiful coffee stand to be a customer of. You can have your coffee nestled in a window ledge, or you can take your coffee outside and spill out onto the street. Or, stand at the counter and chat with the baristas. They look so beautiful in their custom made leather aprons. The neon sign “Sunshine” on the ceiling, the tiled doorway entrance reading “Standing room only”, are really nice touches. Oh, Patricia, my darlin’, Patricia, I can see all my dreams in your eyes…



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Column by Vaughan (@vja)

Photography by Syahirah (@syhrh)

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